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Change the game and turn your aspirations into tangible reality

Gain insight into how your unique strengths have influenced past challenges. Engage in a personalized assessment designed to pinpoint and analyze your distinctive strengths across different situations. Discuss the challenges you have encountered to gain a nuanced understanding of how they played a role.

Embrace your true self

Delve into the facets of your authentic self, gaining a profound understanding. Recognize what influences your connections with yourself, others, and the community.

Understand why your intelligence, passion, and strong work ethic lead to unexpected challenges

Strengthen your capacity to navigate not only your high expectations but also those of colleagues, superiors, staff, and family. Develop the ability to recognize and adapt decision criteria beyond pure logic and intellect.

Evaluate and enrich your Work-Life Balance

Review your “boundaries” to establish healthy practices and avoid burnout. Understand your mode of prioritizing tasks, maintaining focus, and accomplishing projects before venturing into new ones. This process helps you set objectives and acquire discipline.

What distinguishes us?

What sets us apart is our commitment to an innovative approach that is different, simple, and pragmatic. Our methodology is grounded in the strength of multiple intelligences.

This exercise, though challenging to undertake alone, is invaluable in uncovering aspects one might be hesitant to acknowledge. We prioritize authenticity and trust, fostering an understanding of each individual’s uniqueness and promoting self-discovery. We firmly believe that solutions to challenges often reside within oneself, encouraging introspection before potentially externalizing blame.

In practical terms, our sessions involve guided discussions tailored to the individual, addressing his situation and the message he conveys. These sessions are not only interesting but also blend hard and soft skills, incorporating elements of neuroscience to understand the ”why” behind behaviours. Our goal is to raise awareness and encourage a proactive approach to break any dysfunctional patterns or cycles.

About the trainer

The trainer, Rym Delcroix, brings a wealth of unique qualifications to the sessions. With a background shaped by diverse cultures, extensive travel, and experience across various business sectors, including notable roles in compliance, risk management, and oversight at leading international financial institutions and Big Four, she has acquired a comprehensive skill set.

Known for her engaging, high-energy style, she possesses the ability to motivate and inspire individuals to take action. She strongly believes in the impact of authenticity, a culture of collaboration, and the power of storytelling to connect and engage with others. Rym also draws from her experiences of learning from failures, emphasizing the importance of building resilience.

CONNECTreg is driven by her professional and life experiences, coupled with her determination to give back by offering a distinctive approach that resonates with clients. Her agile methodology balances spontaneity with formality, reflection with impulsiveness, logic with emotion, and technical expertise with communicative skills.

To add a playful note, she acknowledges having personally navigated some of the pitfalls of her own qualities and perfectionism, making her training style relatable and infused with practical insights.

How can I help you ?

By reshaping your personal landscape through a dynamic and practical 2 x 3-hours PERSONALIZED « S.W.O.T.” analysis. An all-encompassing service that comprises:

Auditing your unique style

Uncovering the person behind the unpolished gem

Providing clarity to help you shine

Equipping you for a future of possibilities

Enhancing your comprehension on how your exceptional qualities impact you

Helping you find a balance

Frequently asked questions

What kind of challenges can this address?

We aid with challenges such as career transitions, leadership, work-life balance, self-confidence, micro-management, and toxic dynamics. Our focus is on both known and unknown high-potential and talented individuals, addressing their unique needs and aspirations.

Can this program help in job interviews or career transitions?

Absolutely. We offer targeted support for a variety of professional situations, including job interviews, career transitions, skill development, and annual review meetings. Additionally, we specialize in conflict management, providing guidance for effective resolution in workplace challenges.

How do I get started with the process?

Simply contact us by phone, and we will walk you through an initial consultation. During this discussion, we will ask a few more questions to better understand your goals and provide additional insights to guide you through the next steps and share pricing details with you.

Can this program be beneficial for both individuals and corporate employees?

Certainly! Our program is tailored to benefit both individuals seeking personal growth and corporate employees, often sponsored by their companies. It’s crucial to emphasize that all content and discussions will be kept confidential, respecting the privacy of each participant.

Live your authenticity

Find the gem in the rough

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