Whistleblowers Profiling & Motivation Assessment

A business workshop tailored for leadership and HR executives! This business workshop is a game-changer. It delves into the psychology of “principled and courageous” high-potential employees, integrating legal subtleties and psychological factors that motivate whistleblowers. Additionally, it decodes signals and tailors conflict resolution for a stronger reputation safeguard.
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Uncover the enigma: get insight into astute minds!

Whistleblowers can often embody complexity. Gaining insight into their motivations and behaviours is crucial to prevent misjudging situations and individuals.

Connect with those who choose to speak up!

Promoting transparency and accountability within your organization by facilitating direct communication with employees who raise their voices fosters a workplace where all voices matter. Feeling secure when reporting concerns reduces the fear of retaliation.

Take charge of risk reduction while steering complex conflict resolution!

Gain fresh perspectives to elevate your crisis management skills. Understanding and empathetically addressing internal issues proactively enables you to mitigate potential costly legal battles and reputational damage.

About the workshop

Whistleblowing, the act of reporting unethical or illegal activities, involves individuals coming forward to expose wrongdoing.

In our professional roles, recognizing potential whistleblowers and understanding their motivations is paramount.

Tailored for leadership and HR executives, this workshop offers a comprehensive approach, strategically addressing proactive risk management, legal risk reduction, and conflict mitigation. It delves into the psychology of « principled and courageous » high-potential employees, seamlessly integrating legal subtle and psychological factors motivating whistleblowers.

Dynamic shifts are addressed with a focus on the human factor, equipping corporate leaders to navigate complexities and comprehend whistleblowers’ emotional intricacies. This knowledge is essential for preserving integrity, fostering a healthy workplace, and identifying early indicators of potential issues.

« Elevate Compliance & Strong Work Ethics with Empathy » encapsulates the workshop’s essence. We delve into the emotional journey and traits of whistleblowers, ensuring high-potential talents thrive in a non-toxic corporate environment, all while safeguarding your organization.

We « Crack the Code » navigating the complexity of whistleblowers in the corporate landscape, unlocking keys to decode their motivations and personality traits, providing perspectives beyond conventional understanding.

Optimize your skill set in managing whistleblowers through a deeper understanding of their perspectives, effectively tailoring conflict de-escalation to their unique circumstances and functioning.

About the trainer

The trainer, Rym Delcroix, brings a wealth of unique qualifications to the sessions. With a background shaped by diverse cultures, extensive travel, and experience across various business sectors, including notable roles in compliance, risk management, and oversight at leading international financial institutions and Big Four, she has acquired a comprehensive skill set.

Known for her engaging, high-energy style, she possesses the ability to motivate and inspire individuals to take action. She strongly believes in the impact of authenticity, a culture of collaboration, and the power of storytelling to connect and engage with others. Rym also draws from her experiences of learning from failures, emphasizing the importance of building resilience.

CONNECTreg is driven by her professional and life experiences, coupled with her determination to give back by offering a distinctive approach that resonates with clients. Her agile methodology balances spontaneity with formality, reflection with impulsiveness, logic with emotion, and technical expertise with communicative skills.

To add a playful note, she acknowledges having personally navigated some of the pitfalls of her own qualities and perfectionism, making her training style relatable and infused with practical insights.

Topics covered

During this half-day interactive session tailored for one-on-one or a select few, you will:

Recognize potential whistleblowers and understand their guiding principles

Explore how personal values, ethics, and individual circumstances intersect for whistleblowers

Discover what affects whistleblowers' emotions and well-being when unheard or exposed to toxic management practices

Learn to identify important indicators (KPIs, KRIs, specific scenarios) in employees annual reviews

Open discussion on your concrete scenarios - Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions

What kind of challenges can this workshop address?

This workshop is designed to address a spectrum of challenges faced by organizations, including the early detection and prevention of whistleblowing concerns, understanding the motivations behind whistleblowing, proactive risk management, legal risk reduction, fostering cultural resilience, and teaching effective conflict de-escalation techniques. It provides a comprehensive toolkit to tackle the multifaceted challenges associated with factors that could lead to whistleblowing.

What sets the workshop apart in its approach to addressing whistleblowing?

The workshop innovatively focuses on profiling the human aspect rather than a reactive legal approach. It explores the emotional journey, motivations, and personality traits of whistleblowers, providing a proactive and nuanced understanding beyond traditional methods.

How interactive is the workshop?

The workshop provides an interactive experience tailored for one-on-one or a select few. It is contextualized to the audience’s business and delves into concrete scenarios raised by the client through a Q&A session, aiming to uncover hidden red flags that may warrant attention.

What scenarios will be discussed during the workshop?

The workshop encourages open discussions on concrete scenarios, allowing participants to engage in a dialogue and gain practical insights.


Whistleblowers Profiling & Motivation Assessment

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