“Invisible threads are the strongest ties”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Who we are

We address the complex Governance, Risk and Compliance agenda with tailor made “hybrid” solutions that mixes hard and soft skills to turn abstract into concrete.

We go beyond the complexity of law and regulation to close the gap between “intent” and “impact”.

We design human centric learning based on communication, positive psychology and behavioural science combined with technical knowledge and specifics of business operations.

Our approach drives positive results and allows to connect the dots between people’s attributes and the regulatory environment. It follows the ADDIE model (analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate) and fosters an alignment between individual susceptibilities with companies’ interests.


Rym Delcroix grew up in different cultures, travelled extensively and has developed a unique background working in different business areas through her career outside and (largely) inside the financial sector where she held compliance, risk management and oversight positions at leading international financial institutions and Big Four.

She is known for her engaging, high-energy style and ability to motivate and inspire people to action. She believes in the impact of authenticity, culture of collaboration and power of storytelling to connect and engage with others.

She created CONNECTreg based on her professional and life experience along with her determination to give back by offering something different that will resonate with her clients.

We can all take an active role in creating our corporate risk culture by choosing to communicate authentically and differently, so let’s be interesting, positive and empathetic!

Our strategy

In today’s changing world where volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are going to become more and more ordinary, transformation of the dynamics rests on one key element: the way people work together.

Our approach is agile. We balance: spontaneous & formal, reflective & impulsive, logical & emotional and technical & communicative.

Why partner with us ?

  • Decrease of your business risks
  • Improvement of risk culture with audience engagement
  • Deliverables adapted according to your own governance model
  • Trainings and micro consulting based on audience learning style, singularity and specific business role
  • Model in relation to your needs and flexible capsule trainings
  • On demand post training micro-consulting for concrete follow-up