Our solutions

We drive governance to the centre of the business with human centric solutions that combine hard skill expertise with soft skill know-how.

In a world that changes, companies can create an organizational momentum by upgrading the whole skill set of its employees leveraging from the value of hybrid trainings.

Depending in the industry and the employee’s roles, the adequate weightings of both soft and hard skills will depend on the person’s itself and differs from one employee to another.

CONNECTreg helps with:

  • Tailormade trainings
  • Micro consulting
  • Interaction facilitation of in-house governance, regulatory and compliance trainings
  • Designed based on specific business and client organisation and needs
  • Based on transfer of knowledge, skills building and mindset shift
  • Solution oriented derived from business reality
  • Pragmatic
  • Engaging
Micro Consulting
  • Ponctually partner and support teams to provide a quick project checkpoint or to help clear a bottleneck
  • Engage with business units that requires additional expertise to supplement their in-house knowledge
Training Facilitator
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Interaction
  • Connection
  • Engage
  • Challenge