Inside the mind of an “oversight role”

About the training

Meet your Frenemy!
This training will assist you in getting your way to a control environment and reduce the sentiment of stress one may feel prior to an oversight.

Often, the perception we have on people in “authority”, “controls” or simply complying with a quality management standard makes us miss the real picture and just because they enforce on us rules, it makes us feel uncomfortable and sometimes generates fear.

When a “control patrol” knocks at our door, it may be difficult not to instinctively think they are our enemy or even start figuring out how to keep them distracted to reduce the chances they will spot anything wrong or criticize our work.

Is that a smart strategy? What about switching to an empathetic mode to understand the DNA of the counterpart? What about looking at reviews like a gathering of evidence of what you are doing right to meet the standards? Why not choose to embrace the “exercise” as both assurance and consultancy engagements?

It is possible to open the door to a smart collaboration that may help get new ideas, improve or better meet the rigorous demands of regulation imposed in the best interest of our clients.

Topics covered

  • Brief welcoming of your pain points and any “sarcastic” comment
  • Oversight and fiduciary duty clarified & what if it goes wrong?
  • The annoying but “magical” words opening the door to “control readiness”: quality, audit trail, documentation, completeness, accuracy, negligence, testing, sampling, readiness, accountability, proof
  • Understanding professional “skepticism” and unconscious bias
  • Your ego and body language can become your enemy
  • The psychology of “threat and issue management”
  • Practicing radical transparency and trust: from monologue to dialogue and collaboration
  • Rules are not an “antithesis” of creativity, how to exploit: efficient escalation, critical thinking, forward looking, risk management and mitigation?



3 hours

Group size

Maximum 6 person



+32 497 54 47 75

Prior to any training, a preparatory meeting (or call) takes place to better meet client’s and/ participants knowledge and needs.
Post training, possibility of 1-1 micro-consulting


Inside the mind of an “oversight role”

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